• me: time to write
  • me: [cracks knuckles]
  • me: [stares at keyboard]
  • me: [starts crying]
“I only write when I am falling in love, or falling apart.”
- (via stfumadison)
“I often refer to stuff like Twilight as the Lays potato chips of the literary universe. They’re terrible, they don’t even taste that good, there are definitely better things I could eat, but right now I’m going to eat this whole bag in one sitting and love every second of it.”
- Favorite thing I’ve read about liking a variety of books! (via faithhappened)

a cozy art for a stormy weather.
“Why do you weep? Did you think I was immortal?”
- Louis XIV’s last words (via veliikaya)


Girls don’t want boys. Girls want 10 hour long book adaptions with an indepth and accurate screenplay and acting that does justice to the story and the characters within them



Ban This Book.


“No one asks how or what I am doing. They could not care less. We’re all looking glasses, we girls, existing only to reflect their images back to them as they’d like to be seen. Hollow vessels of girls to be rinsed of our own ambitions, wants, and opinions, just waiting to be filled with the cool, tepid water of gracious compliance.A fissure forms in the vessel. I’m cracking open.”
*English major/Creative Writing
*Books are my life. (YA, Victorian lit, dystopian, fantasy, the Romantics, dark female authors, post-apocalyptic, etc...)
*I'm a huge movie buff, just try me.
*I love sleeping, irony, art, learning, traveling, epic soundtracks, fairy tales, writing and beautiful things.
*I'm a fangirl. (Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Quest Crew, True Blood, Dexter, Misfits, Fullmetal Alchemist, American Horror Story, etc)

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